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Perceptions of Racial Equity Survey


The City of Salem Race Equity Task Force was created by Mayor Kimberley Driscoll to review policies, services and community systems in efforts to close racial equity gaps.

Task Force Report

The City of Salem Race Equity Task Force (CSRETF) was originally charged by Mayor Kimberly Driscoll on carrying out a thorough review of City policies, services, and ordinances, as well as inequities in community systems and as a result of this work, the CSRETF has put together a report that outlines recommendations, including ways in which success will be measured. It is important to know that the Task Force merely laid the foundation of work that we hope is yet to come. With that being said, it is strongly recommended that a more permanent structure be put in place that will allow members of the community the opportunity to address racial inequities that will one day end racism in the City of Salem, Massachusetts.

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